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Taste description:


At first is the aroma of naturalplums. a harmony between sweetness and aciditylt feels like walking on a small path in a plum garderolums beside the road.and the airis full of plumfragrance.


In the middle, the sweetness and body areslightlylowered.


leaving the unique warm velastringent feeling of plums in the tongue. It is like aoirlin a green dress, drinking alone while tipsy infront of the moonlight.


The ending ends with a touchof sweetness, like unplanned yet spontaneous joy risingfrom the heart, giving rise to the hopes of tomorrow.




SKU: 364215376135191
  • lngredients: Plum, Water,Honey
    Yellow rock sugar,
    The original juice content is not less than 55%
    Shelf life: six years
    Net content: 500ml
    Alcohol content: 12%vol
    Product barcode:6920273911985


    原 料: 青梅、水、黄冰糖、蜂蜜原果汁含量不低于55%

    保质期: 六年
    净含量: 500ml酒精度: 12%vol

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